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X-Mat Extra Foldable Training Mat

by X-Mat
Sold out
  • X-Mat 18 foldable training mat
  • Recommended by professional trainers to help keep your pets off of furniture and tables
  • Foldable and patented design
  • Patented design

Establish Pet Free Zones with the X-mat. Place X-mats on areas you don't want your pet to invade, such as furniture, counter tops, and houseplants. When your pet tries to cross an X-mat, the tiny discomfort bumps deter your pet from treading on the X-mat, thereby protecting that area from any further exploration. The X-mat is perfect for training younger animals. It is recommended by professional dog trainers. The X-mat is a simple and safe way to keep your pet out of Pet Free Zones. Choose the original X-mat for flat areas like counter tops or couch seats, try the Extra Flexible X-mat for chair arms and sofa backs, and lastly, the Extra Foldable X-mat folds away for easy storage. Size:Mat is 18" square.