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Wrebbit 3D - Harry Potter Quality Quidditch Supplies and Slug and Jiggers 3D Jigsaw Puzzle - 305 Pieces

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  • 305 easy to handle thick snug tight-fitting pieces; No glue required
  • 3D puzzle assembled dimensions: 8.75 x 5 x 11 inches
  • Part of the Harry Potter Diagon Alley Collection
  • Assembly instructions included; Ages 14+
  • Made in Canada using unique foam backing technology providing sturdy design


Wrebbit 3D Harry Potter Qualiity Quidditch Supplies & Slug Jiggers 3D jigsaw puzzle - Diagon Alley Collection, Wizarding World of Harry Potter

305 Pieces

The fine window displays of Quality Quidditch Supplies will entice you with a fine array of Quaffles, Bludgers, Broomsticks and starter-kits. They have all the gear for beginners to Quidditch World Cup pros. Right next door at Slug & Jiggers Apothecary, an impressive range of options is available for all potion-making needs. This 305-piece 3D puzzle is an essential part of the Diagon Alley Collection for Harry Potter fans to collect to create their own alleyway, two shops at a time.

  • 1/4" thick non-toxic polyethylene foam pieces
  • Includes step by step, illustrated booklet in English, Spanish and French
  • 8.75"L x 5"W x 11"H when fully assembled
  • Made in Canada

 Imagine building your own 3D replica of Quality Quidditch Supplies and Slug & Jiggers, two of the most emblematic shops found in Diagon Alley. This 305-piece Wrebbit 3D puzzle is an integral part of the Diagon Alley Collection which all Harry Potter fans 14 years old and up will want to collect to create their own alleyway, two shops at a time. Once your project is finished, your stunning accomplishment will be proudly displayed in your home. Take puzzles to new heights and go 3D! Build your own Quality Quidditch Supplies and Slug & Jiggers Wrebbit 3D puzzle in 3 easy steps: SORT the pieces by shapes and colors, ASSEMBLE all the flat sections and GO 3D following the illustrated assembly booklet included in English, French and Spanish. Includes 305 puzzle pieces, each backed with inch of foam for a sturdy, impressive 3D model.