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Vacu Vin Concerto 5 Piece Wine Saver Set in Black with 4 Stoppers

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  • Pumps air from bottle to keep opened wine fresh up to two weeks
  • Indicator clicks when correct vacuum level is reached
  • Stoppers fit all sizes of wine bottles
  • Pump measures 6 inches high

Preserve your wine longer with this new improved Vacu-Vin Wine Saver. Save the favor of your wine by recorking and removing oxygen that distorts flavor! Keep your opened wine fresh for up to a week! Operation is incredibly simple - just place the Vacu-Pump over the reusable stopper and pump to remove oxygen from the bottle. The Vacu-Vin system removes virtually all the air from the bottle, preventing spillage from oxidation. An efficient and cost effective way to preserve your favorite wines. Includes one pump and stopper. Manufacturer no longer offers a base with this item.