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Special Effects Science Kit

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  • Gruesome movie make up secrets exposed!
  • Make professional scar and bone wax, wounds, maggots, stiches and severed finger effects.
  • Bring your creations to life with animation techniques and stop motion tips & tricks.
  • Stem learning toy.
  • Ages 6+.

Explore fascinating movie make up tricks through scientific concepts and skills. Learn about special effects make up techniques, stop motion animation and more. Mix and blend your own professional grade bone and scar waxes and create the illusion of gruesome severed fingers. Learn how to create lifelike bleeding stab wounds and then ÀœstitchÀ them up. Unlike most other science kits, everything you need is included in this kit with enough components to do them over and over again. Contains: 3 stirring sticks, red food coloring (.14 fl oz), 1 spoon, Vaseline (0.71), cornstarch (2.12 oz), stitching thread (18"), phone/tablet photography supports, 2 beakers (30ml each), 14 make up crayon paint tips (5 colors: white, green, blue, red & black), Illustrated instruction booklet. Ages 6+