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  • Nasa space shuttle orbiter 3D puzzle
  • 435 puzzle pieces
  • 1/4" thick foam backing on each piece for a sturdy, impressive 3D model
  • Step by step assembly booklet in English, Spanish & French
  • 18" x 11.5" x 8" fully assembled

Take puzzles to new heights and Go 3D! Build Nasa˪s space shuttle orbiter 3D
puzzle in 3 steps: Sort the pieces, assemble the flat sections then go 3D!
Includes 435 puzzle pieces, each backed with 1/4" of foam for a sturdy,
impressive 3D model. Also includes an illustrated assembly booklet in English,
French and Spanish. ÀœHow toÀ videos also available online at
and for
replacement pieces. 18À x 11.5À x 8À fully assembled. Made in North America.
The space shuttle orbiter was a component of the Nasa Space Shuttle program.
An orbiter could carry astronauts and payloads into low Earth orbit, perform
in-space operations, then re-enter the atmosphere and land as a glider.
Orbiters included Enterprise, Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis, and
Endeavour. Learn more about The Orbiter on