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Power Glider

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  • POWER GLIDER DELIVERS-Full-Body Stretching-Exercises for Any Age/Better Balance/Joint Protection/Increased Range of Motion/Core-Ab Strengthening/Isometric Workout/Foot Reflexology/Improved Circulation/Reduced Muscle-Back Pain/Sitting Disease Prevention
  • UNIQUE-PATENTED DESIGN-Compact-Ease of Storage/Light-Weight/Quick to Assemble-Dis-Assemble/45 Degree Angle Bar Grip for Joint Protection/Outside 2-Wheel Construction for Enhanced Balance/Travel Case with Built-In Kneeling Pad
  • PORTABILITY-USE ANYTIME/ANYWHERE/ANY AGE-At Home/In the Office/On the Road/ Kneeling/Sitting/Standing for overall Health/Wellness & Fitness all sports
  • STRETCH IT OUT-For Back Pain/Before Sleep/Sitting All Day/Stiffness from Traveling/Before and After Physical Activities/To Improve Your Game (Golf, Baseball, Tennis...)

The ÀœAll-in-oneÀ Power Glider is a universal stretching and workout device. Our compact and portable design includes a carrying case and built-in kneeling / sitting pad. This light-weight device is perfect for both young and old for stretching, increased flexibility, enhanced range of motion (ROM), building core and overall body strength while protecting your joints (wrists, elbows, shoulders) & lower back. The Power GliderÀ™s patented design and two-wheel construction offers balance and ease of controlled exercise motion. The angled grip of the Power Glider supports overall joint protection versus other horizontal bar devices.

No matter what sport, activity or recreation you are into, the Power Glider by STRETCHFX is right for you À“ anytime, anywhere and for any age. From stretching at your desk, at home or on the road, taking control of your fitness can now be easier and more effective than ever. On the golf course, yoga studio, at the gym and for all sporting activities - the Power Glider can travel with you to help stretch and build your core daily. FOR RESULTS YOU CAN SEE AND FEEL À“ GET YOUR POWER GLIDER TODAY!