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Polder Swivel Toilet Brush

by Polder
  • UNIQUE ROTATE TO OPEN AND CLOSE motion, simply turn handle to open caddy and remove brush or turn again to close for elegant but discreet storage
  • PATENTED RUBBER TIP BRUSH HEAD for soft touch for thorough and scratch-free cleaning. Twist-to-remove brush head is replaceable.
  • EXTENDED CENTER BRISTLES for hard to reach places around the rim
  • AIR FLOW OPENINGS allow for quick evaporation of excess water and help keep odors under control
  • RUST RESISTANT STAINLESS STEEL and plastic construction. SLIM DESIGN fits nicely in corner behind toilet, tucked away but accessible.

Now there's no need to store your toilet brush in any other place but in plain
sight. This sleek and unique toilet brush, rotates to open and close
minimizing any need to touch any area but the handle. With maximized airflow,
water can evaporate and odors are kept at bay. A patented brush head features
extended center bristles for hard-to-reach places like under the toilet rim, a
rubber tip for scratch-free cleaning and it's an easy twist-to-remove action
for replacement. The white and stainless steel scheme complements any bathroom
decor without drawing too much attention.