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Play Putty - Character Creation

  • 12 packs of reusable play putty (over 12.5 oz in all) with 44 character accessory pieces
  • Create fun, whimsy characters and unique creatures
  • Mold, knead, shape, stretch, bounce, pop - this putty does it all and reverts back all on its own
  • Resealable plastic packs are easy to open and great for storage and make removing putty effortless
  • Non-toxic, never dries out

Stretch, roll, pop, create, or simply keep your hands busy. Set includes 12 packs of silicon play putty in 6 different colors: red, white, purple, blue, neon orange, neon lime and 44 accessory pieces. Use the assortment of eyes, ears, feet, hats and hands to create fun characters and unique creatures. Roll the white putty to create a snowman and then watch it melt! Or simply play with the putty on its own. Combine colors to create new shades. Great for group play and family time - there is plenty of putty and accessories to go around. Plastic packs are easy to open, make putty easy to remove and great for storage. Won't dry out. Non-toxic. Each pack is 1.06oz (12.72 oz of putty in all). Packs are 2.5" in diameter. Accessories include 2 caps, 2 western hats, 2 sets of boots, 2 sets of webbed feet, 8 hands, 2 sets of antennae, 4 noses, 6 sets of eyes, 4 mouths, 8 ears, 4 eyebrows. Ages 3+