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Original Montgomery Womens Duffle Coat Toggle Coat Charcoal Size 8

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  • Dry Clean
  • Hand made in England
  • 70% wool and 30% mixed fibres- the wool is completely recycled to preserve precious resources, whilst the mixed fibres creates a smooth finish and prevents pilling.

Montgomery Classic Fit toggle duffle has an easier measurement across the
shoulders and biceps and is designed to fit most people most of the time. Easy
fit- typically you will need one size smaller than you normally choose. Made
in England. Sizes 6-22- Euro size 34-50- see size guide for details. Italian
wool mix fabric with tartan inside. Ten colours- - Navy, Charcoal, Camel,
Burgundy, Red, Baby Blue, Royal Blue, Leaf Green, Orange, Brown. Real horn
toggles and leather straps. Free delivery and returns. By buying direct from
the maker you save around $200.