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Old Dutch 2 Quart Solid Copper Zabaglione Pan

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  • Specialty pan designed for making Zabaglione. This solid copper bowl is also ideal for beating eggs or cream for whatever dish you please
  • Professional chefs prefer copper bowls; They've long known that copper has special properties that yield foamier beaten eggs and airier whipped cream
  • Heavy gauge solid copper bowl for superior heat conductivity and temperature control. Rounded bottom for easier, more efficient whisking. Solid Brass handle is riveted for strength, comfortable to grip and features a convenient hanging hole
  • While appropriate for beating eggs and preparing zabaglione, this pan may not be suitable for cooking other types of foods, especially acidic foods such as tomato sauces, etc.
  • Unlined and un-lacquered, ready for use. Hand washing recommended

 Zabaglione is one of the classic desserts of Italy and parts of France, where it’s known as Sabayon. Create this luscious custard of beaten egg yolk, sugar and sweet wine at home using this beautiful solid copper zabaglione pan.  The unlined copper bowl not only provides for superior heat conductivity and temperature control, but also contains ions that form foamy beaten eggs and help stabilize the custard.  The rounded bottom facilitates whisking for a light, fluffy consistency, while the riveted cast brass handle provides a comfortable grip.