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Nokero N233 Solar Powered Lantern

by Nokero
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  • SOLAR POWERED CAMPING LANTERN: Rechargeable bright mini lights perfect for hiking, backpacking, fishing, or RV and camper living
  • GREAT FOR EMERGENCY SURVIVAL KITS: Compact flashlights are ideal for your car & homes first aid kits
  • DURABLE WEATHERPROOF DESIGN: Guaranteed to shine in rain, sleet, and snow when backpacking or biking
  • LONG LASTING LITHIUM BATTERIES: Holds its charge for up to a year and illuminates camp for 15 hours
  • BRIGHT TWO SETTINGS LED BULBS: 2 settings of 10 and 25 lumens for background or practical spot lighting


The Nokero N233 is the world's most efficient light!

The Nokero N233 is perfect for camping, backpacking, emergency lighting, and other off-grid lighting. It is bright enough for reading, working or lighting up a tent and runs up to 15 hours after just a day's charge. It is designed and tested here in our home state of Colorado and will withstand years of daily use in the world's harshest conditions. These waterproof solar lights are perfect for your next camping adventure, to share with an un-electrified community, or to prepare for the next time your power goes down.