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New Metro Design Red Angry Mama with Chilly Mama and Angry Mama Medium Wipe

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  • This set includes one Angry Mama one Chilly Mama and a medium Angry Mama Wipe
  • Angry Mama provides powerful non toxic microwave cleaning with all natural steam power even tough dried spots and microwave odors are no match for Angry Mama, works better than a microwave sponge for cleaning stuck-on spots
  • Chilly Mama keeps your fridge smelling fresh for months; eliminates odors so foods taste fresher longer replacement indicator shows when it's time to replace the unit, ensuring fresh foods are always protected
  • Angry mama Wipes are perfect for cleaning, wiping and absorbing large amounts of liquid from all Counters, bathrooms, showers, cars, boats or anything requiring delicate non-abrasive cleaning
  • This complete set is great for all of your kitchen cleaning needs

Have you looked in your microwave lately? Who wants to scrape and scrub in all those corners anyway? Now splatters, stains, spots and smells have met their match with Angry Mama microwave cleaner from BulbHead. Made with non toxic materials, just fill Angry Mama with vinegar and water, turn on your microwave and watch her go to work The pressurized steam cleaner melts tough, caked and baked-on residue while leaving your microwave looking clean and smelling fresh. Its the quick, no-nonsense way to eliminate stuck on food and splashes. Chilly Mama is hitting the scene to keep your fridge smelling fresh and odor free for up to 3 months. She's fun and cute and works hard to keep bad odors away. Bad odors flow in and fresh air flows out. To use; remove Chilly Mama's hair, face, bottom cap and vented container from body (youll feel like a surgeon). Fill the container with your favorite brand of baking soda and replace inner vented container in body. Replace face, hair and bottom cap parts. Set dial on top of hair to replacement month and put in fridge. Chilly Mama works on average for 3 monthstime varies depending upon size and contents of your fridge---to keep your fridge fresh. Chilly Mama is reusablesimply fill again with fresh baking soda when replacement time is up! This odor cleaning, chilly lady is dishwasher safe. Angry Mama wipes are perfect for cleaning, wiping and absorbing large amounts of Liquid from all counters, bathrooms, showers, cars, boats or anything requiring delicate non-abrasive cleaning. Super absorbent, these 100percent cotton-cellulose, biodegradable, fiber cloths can be used for up to 9 months of continuous use. These wipes absorb more than 16 times their weight in Liquid! Angry Mama wipes are dishwasher and washing machine safe with bleach or detergent. These wipes are available in 2 sizes making them perfect for all your wiping or cleanup needs.