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Madeira XL Carving Board with Stretch Cooking Bands

by Madeira
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  • Stretch hot cooking bands are a reusable alternative to kitchen twine, skewers and toothpicks when roasting or grilling and the concave carving board is ideal for the finished product never separating meat from its juices
  • Extra-large sized cutting board; Made from beautiful edge-grain plantation teak; 20-Inch cutting and carving board by Madeira
  • Madeira Plantation Teak cutting boards and utensils versatile function and beauty are perfect for any kitchen. Teak is weather resistant and commonly used in outdoor furniture and yachts, it is also perfect for use in the kitchen. Teak's tight grain and natural coloration make it an attractive material, both for aesthetic and durability purposes. The natural oils in this tropical hardwood allow it to repel moisture, warping and microbes
  • Pack of 25 bands; Each measures 2-inches relaxed but can stretch to fit a turkey; tie Two or more bands together for extra large food items
  • Bands are heat-safe up to 600 Fahrenheit & 350 Celsius; also safe for use in freezer, microwave, deep fryer, rotisserie and on the grill; dishwasher safe; built to last, meant to be reused year after year

These cutting boards originated from one of the largest Teak Plantation in the
world, located in South America. Plantation Teak refers to the sustainability
of this raw material since it is farmed using responsible forestry practices.
Not only is the wood sustainable, Madeira has crafted these boards and
utensils by utilizing the remnants from other Teak products that are typically
discarded in the manufacturing process. Thus, Madeira is almost completely
eliminating any potential waste of this beautiful material. Stretch Hot
Cooking Bands are an award winning design from Architec. These 2-inch bands
will replace butcher twine or toothpicks when cooking. They are heat resistant
up to 600-degrees farenheit (350 degrees Celcius) and can also be used on the
grill, griddle or rotisserie. Made of 100-percent medical grade silicone, the
Stretch Hot Cooking Bands are food safe, freezer safe, deep fry safe,
microwave safe and dishwasher safe. 2-inch bands can stretch to fit up to
20-pound turkey and old smaller items such as a bunch of asparagus or a fillet
mingon. Use the different colors as markers for doneness when grilling. The
Architec brand offers an assortment of frequently used kitchen items which
were created by applying basic principles of architecture & engineering to
improve their beauty and function; resulting in a better experience in the
kitchen for you!