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  • KEEPS FOOD FRESH: These plastic bag clips will help retain the freshness of the ingredients longer
  • ANIMAL DESIGNS: Beautiful animal designs to seal all types of food bags such as potato chips, snack bags, coffee bags, frozen food bags etc. Your kids will love them if you need to clip lunch packs
  • REUSABLE: Convenient, simple and easy in usage. One of life's necessities -make your life easy and colorful. Provide more choice to meet your different needs
  • MAGNETIC : Stick them on your refrigerator, pin up important documents which you need handy
  • SETS OF THREE: Each pack contains three animal clips

Chip Clip Animal Clips, Your Best Friends in the Home or Office. Anything that
you need, you can get it done with these cool and colorful clips. Each clip
comes with a strong magnet on the back. This allows you to write notes, hang
pictures, and all sorts of things on your refrigerator or other magnetic
surfaces. Plus you can store them by hanging them up and never lose them. If
you’re looking for a variety of colors for your clips, look no further. This
set of Chipclip comes in different animal faces. They’re a fun way to bring a
burst of color into your home or kitchen. Buy all varieties to make a mini zoo
for your kid. You wouldn't want to see the note you hung up, lying on the
floor or your pretzel bag wide open. That’s why these clips have been made to
withstand all your household needs. Strong and reliable, you’ll love these
clips and your children will never miss reminder notes hung up on the
refrigerator. So, what are you waiting for - Go ahead and add them to your