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Infinifun My First Smartphone + My First Smartwatch Combo Pack

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  • Phone: automatic call back with icon animation when the phone rings
  • Watch: motion sensor, shake wrist to trigger further sounds and speeches
  • High quality product

 Your little one can have their very own tech toys with the Infinifun My First Smartphone and My First Smartwatch! These sleek and realistic-looking devices are perfect for toddlers who are always taking mom or dad’s tech. The interactive devices are made for little hands. The Smartphone includes four fun games to help little ones learn colors, numbers, animal names and sounds. The Smartwatch has two modes of play, allowing little ones to learn fun facts and then to be quizzed about them. Both devices have touch screen surfaces and feature realistic sound effects. - The Infinifun My First Smartphone + My First Smartwatch are realistic-looking pretend tech devices perfect for toddlers. - Made for toddler hands, these interactive toys include learning games, facts and trivia. - Includes realistic sound effects and light-up elements. - Infinifun My First Smartphone is bilingual (English and Spanish). The Smartphone and Smartwatch are for ages 18 months and up.