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Heat Diffuser Rangetop 99134

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  • 8.25 aluminum heat diffuser spreads heat evenly across the bottom of your pan
  • Prevents hot spots in pans and provides optimal heat control so that foods and sauces will not scorch or burn
  • Low and gentle heat is best for simmering and prevents sauces from boiling over
  • Also works great for balancing small pots, like butter warmers and espresso makers, while keeping the handles from overheating
  • Removable handle makes it easy to move and compact for storage

The heat diffuser from HIC eliminates hot spots and provides optimal heat control when cooking your favorite sauces and stocks. Works great for melting chocolate, simmering and prevents pots from boiling over. Also works great for small pots that are often difficult to use on a stovetop like butter warmers and stovetop espresso makers. Removable handle makes it compact for storage and easy to pack for camping trips. Use on a low heat setting.