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Great Minds Set of Eight

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  • 1 of the 14 products in Professor Puzzle’s Great Minds Range
  • Product Type: Wooden Reconfiguration and Metal Disentanglement Puzzles
  • Puzzle Difficulty Rating: Levels 1 through 5, Age Range: 8 through 100+
  • Size: Eight 5cm x 5cm pieces
  • Professor Puzzle’s Solutions are NOT found within their packaging, they can be found online

Will you be able to master this challenging set of metal and wooden brainteasers? The Great Minds range brings together our favorite puzzles of all time and links each design with an appropriate Great Mind in history. Each product is finished in an antique style to give them an aged look and has a brief history of how the Great Mind links with the puzzle. Example: Teslas Coil Can you remove the ring from the spring, and put it back together?