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Fat Daddio's Anodized Aluminum Fluted Tart Pan, 9.5 Inches by 1 Inch

  • Perfect for baking a fruit tart or a savory quiche, or even a pie
  • Anodized aluminum is the reason your tarts will bake evenly, cool faster, creating a firm and flaky crust every time
  • The removable bottom makes it easy to display and serve your tart
  • Available in round, square and rectangle; Removable bottom for easy 'push-up' release
  • Fluted Tart Pan, 9.5 Inches by 1 Inch, Temperature rated to 550 degree F; Lifetime warranty

Fat Daddios Anodized Aluminum Fluted Tart Pans with Removable Bottoms-- 9.5 inch by 1inch