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Fat Daddio's 2-Piece Bread Pan Set

  • Includes (2) 7.75"x3.75"x2.75" anodizb bread pans
  • Made from Anodized Aluminum
  • Bread Loaves Rise Better
  • Perfect for Yeast and Quick Breads
  • Bread Pans are Non-Reactive to Acid Ingredients

Professionals know that the secret to a perfectly baked loaf depends on the pan. Our bread pans are made from anodized aluminum so your bread dough heats more evenly, gets a higher rise and cools down faster than steel bread pans. Bread loaves rise better and have even color throughout. Perfect for yeast and quick breads. The bread pans are seamless with straight sides, and since they are anodized they are non-reactive to acid ingredients. Special retail set includes (2) 7.75"x3.75"x2.75" anodized bread pans. Hand Wash