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Kitchen Series Utensils Slate Saute Tool - 12

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  • Sauté tool used for mixing and sautéing; unique beveled design with round edge follows the contours of a skillet or wok; drain slot down the center
  • Comfortable and smooth edge handle; heat resistant up to 350°; measures 12.5" by 2-3/4" by 3/16" thick; thin profile for easy storage
  • Made in USA; nonporous surface won't harbor bacteria; won't crack, fade or split;
  • Perfect for everyday use, looks and feels like traditional wooden utensils, won't scratch pans

Color:Slate  |  Style Name:Saute Tool This durable, dishwasher safe kitchen
utensil by Epicurean is Made in USA, specifically on the North Shore of Lake
Superior in Duluth, MN.  It is an excellent choice for both the casual cook
and the seasoned gourmet who values the environment and wants a dependable
kitchen tool that is durable and cleans up easily. These utensils are made
from wood fiber composite, which are sheets of resin-saturated fiber that is
compressed and baked to a solid sheet.  The final product is exceptionally
strong, yet maintains the warm, natural look and feel of wood. It is
lightweight, nonporous, dishwasher safe and will not scratch your nonstick
cookware.   It wonÀ™t crack, split, or stain À“ making it the perfect material
for stirring, flipping, sautéing and serving.  It is also classified as green.
The wood fiber raw material comes from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
certified sources and/or recycled paper.  This durable material itself has
been around for more than 65 years and is widely used for commercial,
industrial and marine purposes, as well as skate park surfaces.  It certainly
can take anything dished out in the heart of the kitchen. It is also NSF
certified, so you know that its surface has met rigid standards for quality
and safety. Our products are well-designed, practical, casual tools that feel
at home in any kitchen where friends and family gather to share company and
enjoy good food. Like wooden spoons, only better. Epicurean kitchen series
spoons, turners, paddles and saute tools won't scratch pans and are dishwasher
safe. Perfect for everyday use. This kitchen series sauté tool can be used for
mixing and sautéing. Its unique beveled design with round edge follows the
contours of a skillet or wok and it features a drain slot down the center. It
measures 12.5" by 2-3/4" by 3/16" thick.