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Enduro Bundle

by Modarri
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  • The Enduro Toy Truck & Racer Set are made from 100% Sustainable Materials. Solid Aluminum body, Real Beech Wood bed and siding, Natural Rubber Tires and Bumpers, Recycled Plastic Lights and Windshield, Brass plated Hubs.
  • Built TOUGH to LAST for generations of play! Just like the great classic toy vehicles of the past, only BETTER.
  • AMAZING DRIVING MECHANICS. Real Steering, Real Suspension.These hand-driven vehicles drive like nothing you've ever experienced before. Enduro's patented steering and suspension system uses precision mechanics and low friction assemblies that allow these weighty vehicles to glide effortlessly, and handle turns like an exotic sports car.
  • SUPERB QUALITY. The second you pick up one of these vehicles, you recognize the quality and craftsmanship of the design. Feeling the textures of the smooth metal bodies, warm wooden paneling and soft leather seats will instantly put a smile on your face this is heirloom quality.
  • EXPLORE MORE! Enduro was built for kids to provide them with toy vehicles that they could take anywhere to explore the world through open-ended, creative play. We've discovered that adults love them for desk toys and collectibles as well!

Enduro - Toy vehicles with exceptional build quality and realistic driving
mechanics. Made from 100% sustainable materials and built to last for
lifetimes. Enduro was born out of our love for beautifully crafted, high
quality toy cars and trucks. Enduro vehicles have true-to-life, "hands on"
driving mechanics and superb build quality. They are built tough from 100%
sustainable materials and designed to last for generations - just like the
great classic toy vehicles of the past, but even better.