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Duvalay Large Ocean Plaid , Blue- Grey Pattern

  • Duvet and topper combination
  • Complete with a handy, easily removable water resistant cover, which is great for any little mishaps
  • Ideal comfort for anything from sleepovers to camping trips
  • Rolls and stores easily

The multi award winning Duvalay offers an innovative and luxurious sleeping
bag that combines optimum comfort with incredible ease of use. The
transportable sleeping bag is good to use at home as away ensuring you and
your family get a comforting, secure and cozy night's sleep wherever they are.
From sleepovers to the next camping adventure, the Duvalay consists of a
bottom pocket with gold quality memory foam that molds and supports your body
and the top pocket houses a luxurious duvet with a washable percale cotton
cover. Simply undo the buckled straps, unroll and use.