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Colorful Classics - Wooden Marble Run 40 Pc. Set

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  • The possibilities are endless with this 40 piece wooden marble run!
  • Building block pieces are made of high-quality wood with color blocks included to mix it up
  • Includes illustrated sheet with basic designs to get you started
  • Promotes creativity with endless configurations
  • Integrates the concepts of construction and design

How many mazes can you build? A fascinating construction set to create a variety of marble run mazes with 33 wooden building block style pieces and 7 glass marbles. Watch the marbles roll down and around the chutes and through small tunnels on their way to the bottom. Up the ante and challenge yourself, integrate with household items and furniture to construct a truly unique maze every time. High quality, dense, and smooth wood allows the marbles to glide quickly through your personal maze design. Blocks are chunky and easy for small hands to grasp. There are many fun possibilities and routes you can build with your Wooden Marble Run 40 piece set! Glass marbles sized 16mm. Includes instruction sheet. Ages 3+