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Cast Iron Teapot - Tranquility Waves - 27oz

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  • Exclusive ocean wave pattern in peaceful blue shade
  • Cast iron keeps tea at serving temperature
  • Included stainless steel infuser works with loose or bagged tea
  • Enamel interior rinses clean with a hand wash and water
  • Perfect 27 oz size, 0.8 L, (enough for at least six servings of tea in 4 oz cups)

Our cast iron teapot, also known as a Tetsubin, makes drinking tea a special occasion. Add hot water from a different vessel into the cast iron teapot. To make tea, the loose leaves or bag of tea is put into the included infuser, then hot water is poured into the cast iron teapot over the infuser. Tea should remain warm for about an hour. Safety and Care instructions: Not intended to boil or heat water. Never heat the cast iron teapot over an open flame, stove top or in the microwave. Always use a potholder or oven mitt. Avoid contact with salt or oil. Do not suddenly cool teapot while it is still warm. Wash with clear water by hand, not in the dishwasher or using detergent.