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Boxer - Interactive A.I. Robot Toy (Black) with Personality and Emotions, for Ages 6 and Up

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  • A.I. ROBOT WITH BIG PERSONALITY: Get to know Boxer, the small robot who delivers big fun! This quirky bot comes with 10 game cards and expresses a full range of emotions!
  • PLAY 10+ GAMES: Use the 10 activity cards (included) to play games like Bot Bowling, Paddle Bot or Go Kart with Boxer! Unlock even more games by downloading the Boxer app to your phone!
  • MULTIPLE WAYS TO PLAY: Use the remote control to race Boxer around and do tricks; download the free app to your phone to play new games; or use your hands to interact with him! Equipped with sensors, this robot for kids responds to your movements in funny ways!
  • Boxer is a great gift for kids aged 6+. This lovable bot can’t wait to become your new sidekick!
  • Includes: 1 A.I. Robot, 10 Game Activating Feature Cards, IR Remote Control, Interactive Ball Accessory, USB Charging Cable

 Meet Boxer: your real robot pal! This plucky little bot comes to life right out of the box and is raring to go À“ no assembly required! With a love for fun, your new buddy is ready to play! To start, place one of the 10 activity cards (included) in front of Boxer. Once he rolls over the card and scans it, the fun begins! Play games like Bot Bowling, Paddle Bot and Go Kart, or use the interactive ball accessory (included) to play a fast-paced game of soccer! As you play with this loveable bot, youÀ™ll get to know his quirky personality. Sometimes happy, sad, grumpy, or even sleepy, Boxer displays a full range of emotion. Interact with him in multiple ways: use the included remote control to race Boxer around and do tricks; download the free app to your phone to discover brand new games; or get hands-on! Equipped with multiple IR sensors, an internal rechargeable battery and more awesome tech features, Boxer responds to your hand movements and interacts with you in silly ways. With real-life responses, funny expressions and sounds, this little guy makes one hilarious sidekick! Discover Boxer: Enormous Play. Tiny Bot. 


Big Personality

Boxer comes to life right out of the box with no assembly required. Interact with him to discover his amazing range of emotions. Happy, sad, giddy or sleepyÀ”these are only a few of the many dynamic moods of your pint-sized robot pal! When Boxer winds down, use the Micro-USB charging cable included to get him fully charged and raring to go again.


Drive and Explore

Race Boxer around with the easy-to-use remote control included. Equipped with multidirectional infrared sensing and speedy balancing motors, Boxer spins, somersaults and performs awesome wheelie tricks! Take Boxer for a drive around his new homeÀ”you never know what heÀ™ll do and itÀ™s a different adventure every time.


Play and Interact

Boxer loves one-on-one playtime with you! Use hand movements to interact with Boxer and heÀ™ll zigzag and scoot around and follow your every move. Interactive touch sensors recognize your playful touches as Boxer reacts with real-life responses, engaging expressions, and even an excited ÀœWoo-hoo!À Boxer is always on the move. Can you keep up with him?


Get Your Game On

Bring out Boxer˪s competitive side! Choose one of the game activity cards included and have Boxer roll over the card to scan it and activate the game. Set up household objects for an exciting game of Bot Bowling. Use the interactive ball included for a bot-sized game of Soccer. Or get ready, get set for a Go Kart race! What to do next? How about a Dance Party? Boxer˪s got the entertaining tunes and electrifying dance moves! Want more? Download the free Boxer Bot App to your phone to unlock more fun and game.