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Raclette Demi 110V

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  • The original Raclette machine, one side to warm up the cheese, the other side to scrap the cheese of and enjoy!
  • For raclette chese and other meltable cheeses
  • Also available in 110 V
  • Good for Raclette and other multiple cheeses
  • Heats the top of the cheese to be scraped off
  • Perfect for individual or group use
  • Swiss method of melting cheese

Melt cheese in your home in the traditional Swiss fashion. This unique cheese raclette from the Pro Collection heats the top of the cheese through a heat lamp, keeping the bottom of the cheese firm while you easily scrape off the molten cheese from the top. Suitable for a half wheel of cheese. Use: Screw the axis into the base using a screwdriver. Place the cheese holder on the axis and screw the holder downwards by turning it clockwise. Installing the heating element and connection to the power source:Ensure that the rotary screw has been removed from the aluminium block on the base.Place the heating element on the aluminium block on the base and attach the rotary screw. Check whether the voltage requirement on the product corresponds with the supply voltage. The raclette appliance can be connected to the power source by attaching the lead supplied to it (in the case of the Quattro, the lead is fixed to the heating element) and subsequently plugging the power plug into the wall socket. Ensure that the on/off switch is on 0 before you plug the power plug into the wall socket.