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Blue Light Blocking Clear Eye Glasses - Black Unisex Classic Frame w/Pouch

  • Reading in bed late at night? Drift to sleep peacefully by blocking screen’s blue light.
  • Gaming for hours and hours? Win by blocking blue light and reducing eye fatigue.
  • Shopping on your smarphone for ages? Look stylish while blocking that digital blue light.
  • Pulling an all-nighter? Ease the screen light with these blue light blockers.
  • Working on spreadsheets all day? Reduce eye strain and block that blue light.

Help relieve tired fatigued eyes that have been staring at a computer screen too long with these lightweight blue-light blocking eyeglasses. The lenses have a slight tint that will not affect clarify or vision. The stylish unisex frames only enhance the effect. Great for laptop work, gaming, phone browsing, book reading on tablets, movie-watching, and anytime work requires spending hours in front of a digital screen.