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BENTO Lunch Box Midi 18.5x12cm/7x4.7 Nordic-Pink

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  • Bento Boxes keep food separated in the different compartments so wet foods stay wet and dry foods stay dry
  • A complete kit, each Bento box has removable compartments and a small, reusable fork
  • Tight sealing lids keep your lunch fresh and tasty
  • Microwave safe, food can been heated right in the Bento Box
  • Dishwasher safe and BPA Free; Made in Holland

Size:Medium | Color:Nordic Pink All together yet apart - Leftovers from
yesterday’s meal? Take it with you, no problem. With two separate parts and
extra little box with a small fork, the Bento in your lunch box keeps your
lunch nice and fresh! The lunch box with Bento is sturdy, has a distinctive,
smart shape. Perfect for combining different small meals. So enjoy to the