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Beamer Silicone Ashtray - Black with Gray

by Beamer
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  • Ultra Premium Silicone Ashtray. Heat Resistant up to 570 Degrees Fahrenheit! Unbreakable and Shatter Resistant! Freezer, Microwave and Dishwasher Safe!
  • Clear Ash by Tapping Against Center Triangle. Tap GLASS, Bowls, Cigarettes, Cigars, Pipes, and More! Glass Friendly!
  • 3 Different Specifically Designed Groves + 10 Various holes and slots to hold items! 1 Holds a Cigarette, 1 holds a Blunt / Cigarillo / Slim Cigar and the last holds a large Cigar. Also holds Tobacco, Packs of Rolling Paper, Lighters, Smoking Accessories, Tools, Pipes, Matches, Vape items and much more!
  • Exclusive design for MMP Living - Black swirled with Grey
  • This product is Backed by a Name You Can Trust Since 2010! Sold in over 57 Countries Worldwide, Beamer's Quality speaks for itself!

 Limited Edition Beamer Silicone Ash Tray in Black with Grey swirled design. Beamer Silicone Ashtray has multiple different sized slots to hold many types of smokables such as cigarettes, blunts, cigarillos, thin cigars, larger cigars, pipes and much more. There are also different slots for things such as rolling papers, vape items, lighters, tools, pipes, matches and much more. Heat resistant up to 570 Degrees Fahrenheit. Unbreakable and Shatter Resistant! Freezer, Microwave and Dishwasher Safe! Beamer products are backed by a name you can fully trust in the Smoking Industry Since 2010! Beamer Smoke was born in a small basement in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. in 2010 by hookah aficionado brothers. Never knowing where their success would lead, Beamer started with one hookah and one case of orange Zig Zags rolling papers. Now, Beamer is undeniably turning heads worldwide. Beamer's small business has continuously grown into what they are today; a multinational company known for outstanding, well built, functional products that are: in high demand, wanted and known worldwide. Beamer Smoke aims to design high-quality products at reasonable prices. Beamer Smoke has not only moved out of their basement but now have two factories in Detroit, Michigan U.S.A., all thanks to amazing customers like you! Beamer Smoke aims to please each and every customer individually and appreciates all their supporters. Check out all Beamer Smoke products today!