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Bundle of 2 Aurora Stuffed Beanbag Animals - Blueberry Ripple Unicorn & Jellyroll Unicorn items 16700 & 16701

by Aurora
Sold out
  • Aqua colored Blueberry ripple the unicorn & cotton candy pink jellyroll the unicorn
  • Bundle of 2 Mythical unicorn stuffed beanbag animals
  • Each measures 7" Long x 5" Tall - perfect for little hands!
  • Fun, bright colors; irresistible and adorable;
  • Hand washable polyester surface; Great for travel! Light and easy to Wash.

 These unicorns are soft, brightly colored, and shiny. The bundle of two stuffed beanbag animals includes the adorable blueberry ripple, a blue unicorn, and jellyroll, a pink unicorn. Their fur is randomly splotched with yellow, pink and blue. Their manes and tails are Super soft and solid colored. Their horns are a sparkly silver. The soft polyester surface is hand washable For long-lasting play. Measures 7" Long x 5" Tall.