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ATM Bank with Touch Panel - Red

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  • Children's atm savings bank helps kids manage their money with savings target option.
  • Works like a real atm - insert card, enter a 4-digit code to access savings.
  • Realistic touch screen, atm sounds and motorized bill feeder.
  • Features a clock with alarm function.
  • Requires 3x aa batteries (not included).

More than just a bank - an ATM, clock, alarm and safe. Manage your money with this true-to-life personal touch screen ATM! Make deposits and withdrawals by inserting the card provided and with your personal access code. Keeps track of your savings and has a savings target setting option. Accepts and recognizes each coin inserted and also accepts bills with the motorized bill feeder. Ability to modify the access code for even greater security Teaches children how to save money and track the progress of their savings! Additional clock and alarm clock features, as well as non-withdrawal access to use as a small safe. Includes: 1 ATM Savings Bank with Touch Panel, Bank Card and Instruction Manual. 3x AA batteries required (not included). 6" L x 8" H x 5.5" W Ages 4+