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Art Table with 2 benches, chalkboard surface, paper roll and storage cups

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  • Multifunctional wooden art and activity play table
  • Chalkboard surface, paper roll feeder / holder and storage cups
  • Approximately 4' of suface space (47" / 3.9') with approximately 4' of sitting space (each bench is 23.5" / 1.95' long)
  • Enough play space for 2 or more children
  • Ages 3+ and Assembly required

 Multifunctional wooden art and activity play table has a large surface for a variety of art activities and an ideal, child-sized area for snacks, games and puzzle play. Chalkboard surface for direct table art and a paper roll for canvas creations. Paper roll is stored under the table to maximize surface area, pulls through a feeder and is held in place with the stability bar. Includes 2 plastic cups that pop right into the table for chalk, pencil, crayon and marker storage and can also be used to house brushes and water for painting activities. Coordinating benches have a wide, stable base so that two or more children can express their creativity at once! Paper roll is over 16 feet of paper (16.4'). Accommodate 12" & 14" replacement rolls best. Assembly required, Table: 47À x 28À x 17.5À. Benches: 23.5À x 9.25À x 10.5À each. Drawing surface: 47À x 28À. Ages 3+