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Adventerra Eco-Friendly Educational Board Games (Global Warning)

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  • OBJECT OF THE GAME: Join forces with others to save your planet! Its hotter on earth than its ever been since temperatures have been recorded, so we must work together to solve all the environmental problems around us to slow the rate of global warming & prevent climate disaster!
  • EDUCATIONAL GOALS: Players discover the main causes of global warming & possible solutions The cards show real environmental problems & actions to adopt to safeguard the Earth Game dynamics stimulate cooperation between players to reach a common objective
  • BENEFITS: Players intuitively learn new behaviors that reduce their ecological footprints and when these behaviors become lifetime habits, players will become superheroes for the planet!
  • PLAYERS: 4 to 7 - AGES: 10 & up - PLAY TIME: 45 to 90 Minutes
  • ADVENTERRA GAMES: Publishes engaging board games that help kids learn to conserve natural resources & save the planet.

Edition:Global Warning Players work together to clean up the planet, but the
temperature is rising fast. Can you slow it down before it’s game over for you
AND Planet Earth? Let the negotiations begin! (This game is fun for adults