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Street Magician Magic Set - 8 pieces including storage bag

  • Perform over 80 cool tricks
  • Essential props including black cap, magic wallet, wow cards, magic scarf, handkerchief, trick laces, trick playing cards
  • Illustrated instruction manual with step-by-step instructions for every trick
  • Nylon drawstring back pack for storage and off-site performances
  • Ages 8+

Street Magician Magic Set - over 80 possible tricks w/ storage bag

This Street Magician set is a perfect introduction to the fascinating world of street magic! With 7 props and step-by-step instruction manual, learn to perform over 80 amazing street magic tricks. Impress your friends by pulling a scarf through a smart phone, items from a scarf, making dollars disappear from your wallet, magically untying shoelaces and demonstrating dozens of card tricks and more. Set includes backpack, amazing magic scarf, handkerchief with transparent plastic gimmick, 3 shoelaces with semi-automatic puller, magic wallet, WOW card, marked and tapered playing cards and black baseball cap. Ages 8+